What are metadata and what are they for?

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Metadata is structured data that provides key information about a content, either from a book, papers, website, etc. In addition, these are one of the tools that companies use to improve their positioning in web search engines.

It is a reality that for your business to be a success in today business world you must give the information and the use you give it the importance it deserves.

The use of metadata will help you not only to position yourself better in search engines, but also to classify and order the information you have, and will help you have a solid basis for decision making both outside and inside the network.

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What is metadata and how is it used on websites?

In the context of websites, metadata are HTML elements whose function is to describe the web page that contains them.

These are used by the search engines to make an analysis of that website as to what kind of content is offered and what is the subject matter handled there.

The use of metadata on the websites is primarily to provide information to the servers, the browser used and the search engine robots.

Metadata is implemented using meta tags and among the most common are

Meta Description

This data contains a summary description of the information provided on your website. It should be noted that the ideal range is between 60 and 156 characters.

Meta Keywords

In this tag are placed separated by commas the keywords related to the content offered by your website.


Here you enter information concerning the author of the website in question.


It just putting up information about the copyright of the website.


Here you specify which actions search engine robots can perform on your website.

What is the use of metadata in SEO?

The importance of metadata for SEO is that search engines use it to get information from your website.

If you have a correct structure of the metadata it will be much easier for those engines to classify you, improving your positioning.


It amazing how important and relevant metadata can be, isn$0027t it?

Based on the premise that nowadays one of the main assets that companies have is information, the good use of it will have as a consequence that you stand out among other companies in the current markets.

It is a fact that information translates into power, but this statement will only be true if the use you make of this information is appropriate.

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