The 28 best blogs on Digital Marketing in Spanish

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Finding digital marketing blogs on the Internet is not difficult. There are all kinds of blogs, some new, some older, some with few new features, some with a lot, some reliable and some not so much. Find out which are the best digital marketing blogs in this article!

The Internet is an excellent source of learning on a wide range of subjects. We all know that knowledge in this medium abounds, however, we must be demanding in order to discern which information we can trust.

We often find outdated information, and in some cases, even wrong information. This is why we must have reliable sources of information.

Nowadays there are very good references in the sector and that is why we decided to make a compilation with the 27 best blogs of digital marketing in Spanish.

The 28 best blogs in Digital Marketing:

1. Guerrilla Marketing

We can say that this blog is motivating. It is a blog with dynamic, easy to read and mostly short articles. Aimed at entrepreneurs who are looking for solutions within digital marketing. Its creator, Carlos Bravo, gives us interesting daily publications.

2. Vilma Núñezs blog

If you are looking for tutorials, guides and ebooks, you can find many here. Vilma Nuñez is a Spanish digital marketing consultancy that publishes articles on social networks, content marketing, blogging and digital advertising.

3. Juan Merodios blog

Juan Merodio is another reference in marketing 2.0. His blog brings current information about social networks, entrepreneurship, marketing and digital transformation.

4. Direct Marketing

This blog is a bit more extensive, not only dealing with digital marketing but also traditional marketing, advertising, branding and technology. In its “Latest” section you can find very current news and trends.

5. Rock Content Blog

Our blog in Spanish is a reference in digital marketing in the Latin American market.

Here you can find articles, guides, ebooks and various materials on the most diverse segments of digital marketing, sales, lead generation and entrepreneurship.

A complete blog for all levels of knowledge. There are several publications per day that allow constant updating.

6. Social Bla Bla

If your focus is on social networks I recommend you follow this blog. It always brings great tips and tricks about network marketing. The publications are not always daily, but they are frequent.

7. Hubspot Blog

The Hubspot blog is another one you can trust with your eyes closed. Here you will find, in addition to digital marketing content, articles on sales and customer management. Their publications are not as frequent, but they already have good content.

8. Pure Marketing

Puro Marketing is a blog that covers various aspects of marketing and much more. In it, you can also find information about technology, media, advertising, business and companies. It brings excellent reflections and advice that you can apply to any company.

9. The Creative Creature

In addition to articles on advertising, this easy-to-use blog brings various information on design and graphics. You can also find interesting articles about social media.

10. 40 of Fever

One of the most popular digital marketing blogs is 40 Fever. In it you can find good material about content marketing, social media, web design and SEO.

11. WordPress Help

A quite specific blog for the users of the famous CMS. Here you can find tutorials, interviews, analysis, tips and everything you need to improve your knowledge of WordPress.

12. Blogging

Perhaps at first glance you will find similarities with the Guerrilla Marketing blog. It must be because the owner is the same. Despite this, Carlos Bravo doesnt write on it. However, Bloguismo has very capable collaborators who share all their knowledge about blogs and social networks around here.

13. IEB School

Schools are authentic spaces for the production of knowledge, while blogs are super-efficient channels for the dissemination of knowledge. This combination puts the IEB School blog as a reference for information in the field of Digital Marketing.

Its contents deal with the main topics of the Technology, Human Resources, Computing, Sales and Marketing markets. Therefore, the blog is a recommended destination for any entrepreneur who wants to expand his business knowledge.

14. José Facchins blog

This blog is full of articles, tutorials, ebooks on a wide range of digital marketing topics. José Facchin has great command of the area and shares all his knowledge through the blog and his courses.

15. Claudio Inacios blog

This weekly publication blog features articles on Personal Branding, Community Manager and digital marketing. In the blog you will find reliable information, articles that will motivate you and useful tips to improve any brand.

16. Hotmart

What can you expect from the blog of a company that has gained worldwide proportions with Digital Marketing? Valuable and interesting content!

The Hotmart blog contains a wide variety of rich materials and videos on Affiliate Marketing, Entrepreneurship and Online Education.

If you are passionate about knowledge sharing and the possibility of entrepreneurship on the Internet, here you will find the information you need.

17. Maider Tomasenas blog

Looking for a blog dedicated to copywriting? Well, heres Maider Tomasenas blog. In this blog all the articles revolve around copywriting, so if you want to become a specialist in the subject, this blog must be among your favorites.

18. The blog of Luis M Villanueva

The focus of Luis M Villanuevas blog is SEO and keywords, so to keep up to date on the subject, be sure to check it out. But if SEO is not your only goal, dont worry, you will also find content about digital marketing in general.

19. The blog of Laura Ribas

In this blog you will find content on digital marketing and sales, with a strong focus on attracting and converting. These are articles, videos, interviews, etc. that promise to help you increase your customers.

20. A community manager

Despite the name, this blog covers all topics of digital marketing. Always bringing useful tips that can be applied in any sector. Your publications are not as frequent as we would like, but the content is very good.

21. InboundCycle

As its name suggests, the InboundCycle blog is a very relevant source of content on attraction marketing.

This Inbound Marketing agency located in Spain produces comprehensive materials on the tactics that companies can execute to boost their digital presence.

Besides the blog, the InboundCycle channel on Youtube is a really interesting space, with videos that explain the main concepts linked to digital marketing.

22. Juan Carlos Mejía Llanos blog

Juan Carlos Mejía Llano is the author of the books: La guía del Community Manager and La guía Avanzada del Community Manager, which have been best sellers in their category at Amazon Spain.

In his blog you will find useful and updated content on Digital Marketing, Digital Transformation and Social Media.

23. Victor Campuzanos blog

If you are interested in Growth Hacking, in this blog you will find many articles that you will like. Víctor Campuzano also addresses issues such as blogging, digital marketing and entrepreneurship in articles that are not at all superficial.

24. Borja Girons blog

This popular blog specializes in addressing issues related to SEO and blogging. If this is your interest, be sure to read it.

25.My web positioning

In this blog we find articles easy to read and with very good content. Here, Rubén Alonso explains in a simple way the basics of creating a blog. There are very useful articles that can help you improve the positioning of your website.


This blog collects very useful information, mainly about blogging. Here you can find ebooks, articles, tutorials, tips and tricks in general to improve your blogging techniques with Professor Antonio Cambronero.

27.CM Classroom

Excellent blog with content about content marketing, community manager, blogs and SEO. It has very good material, too bad its publications are not very frequent.

28. Marketing and web

The blog led by Miguel Angel Florido presents quite complete contents about Digital Marketing and Social Media. Here, you will find templates and guides to increase your level of knowledge about business strategies on the web.

This was the list of the 27 best blogs on digital marketing in Spanish. In them you will find all the knowledge you need to improve your strategy and continue learning about this fantastic world.

To get started, download our free digital marketing material and learn all about it.

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