Similarweb: Know what it is, how its used and how important this incredible tool is

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SimilarWeb is a website analysis tool that helps you know the market and monitor your competitors. Search rankings, number of visits and traffic sources are information you can collect with the use of this tool.

Is keeping up with your competitors already part of your digital marketing strategies?

If not yet, its good that you start looking around and realize that competitors are out there , maybe with more efficient strategies than yours, maybe even taking away your customers. And you havent even noticed!

But we dont want you to get desperate, okay? We are here to help you monitor the competition on the web, which can contribute not only to digital marketing, but also to business strategies in general.

And for this, we bring tips on an ideal tool: SimilarWeb .

SimilarWeb is one of the most popular tools for analyzing websites, keeping up with the competition and knowing where your brand stands in the market.

Now, youre going to know all about this tool:

  • What is SimilarWeb?
  • What information can you monitor on SimilarWeb?
  • How to use SimilarWeb?
  • What is SimilarWeb for?
  • How much does SimilarWeb cost?

Meet her!

What is SimilarWeb?

It is a application and website analysis tool . According to the company itself, the mission of SimilarWeb is “to provide global and multiplatform market intelligence to understand, monitor and increase your participation in digital market share “.

For this, the tool provides a search function for websites and applications: you only need to enter a URL or a mobile application and the platform will search for the data.

In both the free and paid versions, you get a fairly complete report on the site or application you are looking for.

So, if you are looking for a way to know the data of your competitors, this is the solution!

SimilarWeb offers metrics for search ranking (or usage ranking, for applications), number of visits, bounce rate, traffic sources and other data that can be valuable for your strategies.

In addition, you can put this data next to your metrics to compare the performance of two brands.

It works on a website, which means you dont need to install any software on your computer.

What information can you monitor on SimilarWeb?

First, when you request to analyze a website, these are the data presented:

  • website traffic ranking (global, by country and by category);
  • total visits in the last 6 months;
  • average length of visit;
  • pages per visit;
  • site bounce rate;
  • percentage of visitors by country;
  • traffic sources (direct, reference, search, social, email, display ads);
  • reference sites and destination sites;
  • search keywords (organic and paid);
  • source of social network traffic;
  • profile of the visiting public (categories of interest, other websites accessed);
  • competitors and similar sites (by topic and rank in search results).

When you analyze an application, these are the metrics that provide the reports:

  • ranking of application use (global, by country and by category);
  • ranking in Google Play or App Store (global, by country and by category);
  • audience profile (categories and applications used by the users of the application);
  • traffic sources (direct, referral, search, social, email, display ads);
  • web search keywords;
  • sources of in-store traffic (store search, developer page, wish list, etc.);
  • store search keywords;
  • similar applications.

It is worth noting that this information is available in both the free and paid versions.

However, on SimilarWeb PRO, you get more complete data, while the free reports have limitations, such as submitting only the top five search keywords (to access more, you must purchase a paid plan).

How to use SimilarWeb?

Here is a short tutorial on how to start using the tool and explore its key features.

When you open the SimilarWeb site, you already have an idea of what the tool offers: the screen shows a visual map of the main websites in certain markets, such as news, travel or banks, as well as traffic and market share information for each one.

Lets cut to the chase. On the home screen, you may already see a search bar in the upper left corner, next to the SimilarWeb label. There you can enter the name of any website or application you want to analyze.

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