SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the combination of techniques to improve websites, blogs and web pages. These improvements are to generate authority on a site, teaching those who are looking for something about your company and improving their visibility during searches.

The advent of the internet and the need to stand out in the marketplace makes all this very important for any company and if yours has not yet adjusted to this point, it is time to think about it for 2018: we are almost ready to welcome the new year! It the exact time to plan for new SEO trends. In this text you will find the goals you should focus on in the new year, to make a good SEO strategy as required in the middle.

What do we already have as strategies for SEO?

We know that the first step for a better search engine optimization is always to consult the market. It is very important to know what is already used so as not to enter this universe in the wrong way.

Planning a SEO strategy for the start of your project is another fundamental step, since it avoids you having to make radical changes later on that could damage your marketing and product search plans.

You also need to know who is your person , your interested audience, and at what point in time your content will appear for this person. This way, the searcher will see your product displayed at the most opportune moment, which increases the possibility of clicks for your company.

Choosing good keywords is another very important step to get the attention of those who are looking for something general or specific. That is the soul of the business, because it is through those words that the main searches will come.

What are the new trends in SEO in 2018 and what to focus on?

There are several types of trends for those looking to renew their SEO strategies and here we will give several options to focus on in the coming year.

1. Voice search

With the arrival of voice assistants like Siri, Google voice and Cortana, we have a new type of search that is done by mobile phones and tablets: Voice search.

These assistants are increasingly used and we must take advantage of what they can provide to SEO. The best way to adapt your strategy to this technology is to follow the instructions below: place questions on your page in addition to the common phrases (for example: place Where are good hotels in Brazil? instead of hotels in Brazil ), or create FAQ pages focusing on taily keywords, or use more conversational and natural clavelong tail words that match the user tone, thinking about what kind of questions your consumers would ask.

2. Link building techniques

The construction of links to other sites will be something in high for next year. But, in this case, more important than quantity is quality. It is better to have a link from a highly trusted website than to have many links from low quality directories.

3. User experience

The experience you have will be even more important in 2018 for SEO. A good user experience increases access to your site, improves the time a person stays on the site and allows for better user-web interaction. To execute this improvement, it is important to control the loading speed, readability and structure of the navigation; make use of the highlighted fragments and create content in the form of questions and answers.

4. Moving index

For brands and companies that want to stand out in the market, it will be essential to be concerned with the importance of mobile devices, as it is possible that Google will implement its first mobile index in 2018.

With that, local SEO will become more popular as mobile users search for content while on the move, so the SEO strategy should facilitate the search experience through relevant and personalized responses.

The demand for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will grow in 2018, improving the experience of mobile users. Then, if you haven$0027t implemented it, it a good thing you have.

5. Importance of visual aspect

The visual quest will take centre stage in 2018. The SEO that is planned should take into account that users are looking for a lot of visual, so it is important to optimize the visual content of your website. Companies that have already invested in this part are reaping excellent results. Users are increasingly demanding and that makes the development of this aspect also a priority.

6. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence allows speech searches and algorithms to better understand user intent, understanding the context of queries and providing better results. With that, artificial intelligence reached the stage of keeping changing in terms of how search results are classified and that will be no different in 2018.

7. Quick answers and highlights

Since 2016, Google has been working with the quick response function. These are small, prominent pieces of information that emerge at the top of SERPS. Google itself selects a snippet in the form of a summary response from a page and the user can read some of the text content without opening the site. But for that to happen with your web page, you need to optimize the site to get the content displayed.


We know that progress is inevitable. SEO will continue to evolve and just being first in the ranking will no longer be the only important thing, since there will be other ways to increase search traffic.

These are the trends of SEO 2018. The important thing is to never stop discovering the news and innovations of this world. Did the text help you and do you want to improve your experience further? Download our ebook on the subject and discover more things that will help you take off with your company! See you soon!

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