Do you want to generate more visibility and position your blog, but don$0027t know how? I warn you that the answer to that may lie in SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

To help you better understand the term and how to apply it to your page we prepared this checklist with the step-by-step of On Page and Off Page SEO. Keep reading!

What is SEO?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website to make it more search engine friendly.

More than that, SEO is based on attracting organic traffic. Besides a better positioning for the blog, it can also generate qualified leads and, consequently, more interesting and profitable for your business.

And the best part is that almost everything in organic traffic is free, so working the set of optimization techniques that SEO offers is up to you.

The more you optimize your content and your page, the better your chances are of reaching the disputed top position in Google!

Basically, SEO techniques are divided into On Page and Off Page . Want to know more about what that means and how to transform it into strategies for your business? Check out the lachecklist we made to help you!

SEO On Page

The SEO On Page is that whose optimizations are made in the same direction of the website, including the content and structure of the pages.

Beyond the content generated, you have to be well placed in Google searches to stand up to your competition.

Although part of the effort of SEO On Page depends on the quality of the content, you must also take care of some details such as the keyword and the development of the text structure.

But what are those details? Let go to the SEO checklist on page!

1. Title Tag

It the title of your page, displayed by the user when he or she enters a Google search. It also what gives the reader and search engines a preview of the content.

Two golden tips: Include the keyword in the first term that appears in your title tag and use impact terms such as: “the best”, “discover” or “complete water”, for example.

2. Keyword

The keywords are thought out according to your person and your business, they must be included in the content, but without exaggerating! Do it in a natural way, always thinking about the good reading experience of the user.

3. URL

As well as the title tag, theURLsson strategic to give the user a preview of the content only with the address. Try to include the keyword in them and keep the address Google-friendly, with short terms, which help the user easily understand what the address is.

4. Goal Description

Lameta descriptionsis the text below the title tags. Although well done, it is a very powerful tool to convince the user that your content is the best to solve their doubts or problems. Write a strong, sincere and eye-catching summary for your reader!

5. Quality of content

Remember that engines are always looking for the best content on certain topics. In addition to taking care of the quality of the published content, you have to keep updating it to stay an authority on the subject and improve your position in searches.

6. Visual contents

As important as written content, visual content can help keep the reader on your page longer and decrease the bounce rate.

You should also optimize images for SEO by using alt text, a subtitle that indicates what the image is about. This also increases your chances of positioning the image in Google Images, another source of organic traffic.

7. Responsive and practical design

One word: Smartphones! Through them we have an almost complete computer in our pocket. That why taking care of your page to have a responsive, agile and practical design not only offers a better navigation experience to the user, but also helps you to gain points with Googley ranking algorithm in searches.

8. Link Building

Linking other content – external or internal – is part of the buildingy link is a very important point for Google.

To make external links, you must choose authority domains so that Google notices that you$0027re linking to quality materials. This also increases the reader trust in you.

You want to increase the time the user stays on your website? It a way to generate more organic traffic and makes your reader know and learn more about your business.

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9. CTA and social network sharing

TheCTA (Call To Action) is the final call of your text, that is, your last chance to generate engagement with your reader. Take advantage of this paragraph to invite the reader to comment, ask questions and, above all, share your content with their social networks.

To do this, it makes it as easy as possible for you to share the content. Adding social sharing buttons in strategic, easy-to-find locations on the site increases your social sharing rate by 700%!

SEO Off Page

Unlike On Page SEO, off page strategies take into account factors external to the blog, such as backlinks and content disclosure. In short, this is what happens outside your site.

Although it seems less important, taking care of the SEO Off Page helps to work external factors that bring your audience closer to you.

Without further ado, it time for the SEO Off Page checklist!

1. Trust

Start here! With so much junk content in the middle, search engines care a lot about the reliability of each page. That why there are some factors that make your site more reliable. They are:

  • Domain authority : the better known, the more reliable your website will be. Build your brand!
  • Page authority: means how well known a particular page is, evaluating only the content of the page.
  • Age of the domain : sites are accumulating more and more URLs indexed in search engines. This is why older domains can appear better positioned in searches.

2. Backlinks or external links

These are links used in other pages that direct the user to yours. For the search engines, having them is a vote of confidence for you, that is, your page and your content can be trusted.

To achieve this, you have to constantly work on the content until you reach a high level of authority, which may take a little longer. Keep in mind some factors such as: frequency, quality and anchor text – the word or phrase that carries your URL.

You can also take care of your backlink strategy by usingguest posts, participating in forums and promoting links on social networks.

Stay away from fraudulent techniques like buying links! That can lead to Google penalizing your site.

3. Personalization

Some things can be configured to give the user a more personalized search experience. Once the search engines adjust the results according to some characteristics of the person, all that can be used in favor of your site.

These factors include location, contacts and browsing history. So, if you use keywords related to the location where you provide your service, people in that region are more likely to find you in searches.

Therefore, part of Google algorithm to provide more relevant search results to users is based on their search history. That way, if someone has visited you, it very likely that you$0027ll continue to appear in their search results.

4. Dissemination of the contents

More than receiving likes, the disclosure of your content in social networks is fundamental to reinforce the authority and knowledge of your brand. For search engines, that means having quality and reliable content to share. To do this, look into influencing marketing!

In conclusion

Now that you have the complete checklist of the SEO On Page and Off Page, remember that a good content strategy must have both. On the other hand, because it is an organic traffic job,making content for SEO requires frequency, patience and quality. Don$0027t forget!

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