Rich Snippets are structured data that websites can implement to their pages to appear prominently in the result pages of search engines such as Google.

If you$0027re a returning Google user, you$0027ve probably noticed boxes appearing during searches, highlighting graphical features, concepts and definitions of the keyword entered, and more. These are called Rich Snippets.

However, below we will show you a more specific definition of this concept, the types that exist, how they can be implemented for your website and their influences on search engine positioning.

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What are the Rich Snippets?

The word ” Snippets ” refers to the combination of the title, a short description and the URL of a website that appears within the results of a search engine.

So, the Rich Snippets are an “enriched” version of these, with more detailed information and relevant elements for the user that are displayed in the SERPs, thus increasing the visibility of the contents, which is undoubtedly important for the marketing of a website.

These are HTML markup segments that are inserted into the code of the web page to indicate to Google and other search engines that advanced information is being presented to show relevant and informative elements to web surfers.

For example, if we search for the keyword “hotel Mexico City” in Google, titles, information and the URL of some accommodations in this city will appear within the organic results, as well as stars indicating the users$0027 rating and search-related terms such as offers, transfers, among others.

What are the types of Rich Snippets?

Not all Rich Snippets are shown in the same way . There are different types that, depending on the information, add or subtract elements. Here are the types:

Featured Snippet

The Featured Rich Snippet, better known as Featured Snippet, is the largest exposure of your web content that Google can display as results.

It is characterized by being a table, on top of the results and being the most relevant answer in the network for a given search.

Considered as the ” zero position “, is the desire of all SEO professionals, since it is located at the top of the SERPs and this provides multiple benefits for Digital Marketing strategies, such as:

  • increased click generation;
  • increased visibility of the website;
  • increase in conversion rate;
  • increase in digital authority.

However, Google has not informed professionals which aspects guarantee to appear as an outstanding Rich Snippet, but if within the marketing plan of a website it takes very seriously the optimization of the content this can cause it to happen.

Here an example of a featured snippet we$0027ve conquered for our blog:

However, there are different forms of Rich Snippets that, according to the type of content can appear as highlights, these are


They contain information about dates, characteristics and places of events s. They use the data from the web pages that work on the basis of calendars to show in the search engine results a detailed description with date, time and location of the event.

Also, there are tools such as Google Data Highlighter that help businesses and organizations implement them, to have a presence on the web.


These have undergone several changes over time. In the beginning, the snippets of organizations and companies showed data such as name, location and time, among others.

But nowadays, on top of all this, Google informs its users about customer reviews in social networks and the business$0027 own site, as well as real images of the place, even about other related companies.

This change came, without a doubt, thanks to the growing use of mobile devices and apps.


When you search for a band, artist, album or song in Google, a box will appear with brief information about the artist, members and genres they belong to, followed by streaming services where their products can be listened to or purchased by Internet users.


In this case, search engines tend to report more on the project itself, such as information on the films, cast, rating, release date, among others, rather than focusing on sites to book tickets.

So, to get a Rich Snippet in this kind of search, it is important to strive for to appear as the first organic result and to be able to offer the booking service and ticketing service for a show.


As part of the Rich Snippets, the recipe boxes that appear at the top of the SERPs, are strongly related to the first organic position of the results.

So, in this case, it very important to have optimized content and to contain enriched fragments in the code so that Google can take it into account.


There not much to do here, because when you search for a product on Google, the company algorithm is set up to show results related to Google Shopping.

However, as first organic position it is possible to position and display the photo, price, short description and availability of the product in an e-commerce.


These are results that include a star rating, date and sometimes the reviewer name.

They are especially useful when teaching the user the prestige and opinions of the buyers of an online store. Taking into consideration the experience of other customers about products in which they are interested.


These are boxes that provide Google Maps and Street View information for those sites that fit the search. The site tab, photos and map are also displayed.


Appearing in the Google section as a Rich Snippet is possible after creating a Google News Sitemap.


Social networks such as Linkedin allow you to offer contact information that appears within the organic results.

Depending on the type of content displayed on your website, it is important to determine in which category your information could appear within a Rich Snippets.

This requires an understanding of how to implement it, so we won$0027t keep you waiting any longer!

How can Rich Snippets be implemented?

For these to appear it is necessary to modify, very slightly, the HTML code of the web. There are 3 types of data that Google allows to consider Rich Snippets:

  1. Microformats : using HTML code, properties are assigned through category attributes within tags;
  2. Microdata : these classify information using HTML5. This allows data on ratings, reviews, products, companies, recipes and events to be viewed by Google;
  3. RDFa : allow to integrate different elements along with their properties to enrich information about people, recipes, ratings and more.

Then, once the language to be used to enrich the content has been defined, it is necessary to test it with tools such as Google Search Console to verify that it has been done in an ideal way.

In addition, the Schema Creator tool, allows you to enter data on the information that the same platform identifies as important for that type of data and generates a rich code ready to be embedded in the source code of the web.

How do Rich Snippets influence SEO positioning?

A website that includes rich code to be used as a Rich Snippet is a fundamental tool for SEO, called On Page SEO.

If a search engine can consider a page, because of its HTML code, as a relevant and rich site, it can set it as the “zero position” for some searches, sometimes regardless of its organic position . This brings more views, clicks and conversions.


Rich Snippets arise as a democratic possibility to be able to compete fairly with large corporations and platforms on the Internet.

In addition, it provides digital marketers with one more tool, which will serve within their digital strategies as a lever to reach the top of SERPs and gain authority in the network.

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