Practical tips for writing good meta descriptions in your content

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Hi, how are you? I think I$0027ve seen you around before. You are always looking for content and news to grow in your career and differentiate yourself in your work. Always wanting to learn a little more about digital marketing. How lucky we are to have your attention!

Although you are still a beginner and have many doubts about concepts, strategies and tools, I can assure you that, with perseverance, in a short time you will be mastering these techniques and teaching them to your teammates.

Today we are going to deal with an extremely subtle subject that will serve you mainly to generate leads . After all, 64.7% of companies believe that the main objective of content marketing is to generate leads . (Content Trends, 2017)

Let talk about: “meta description”, what is it? And how do you make a meta description that will attract clicks? A very interesting topic that can help you increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of your page.

What is a “meta description”?

It is a label that makes it possible to find your website. It belongs to the family of metadata or ” meta tags “. Meta, from the Greek beyond or above , this means that, meta information is information that is in the HTML (the hypertext) and that has the function of helping to locate other information.

The “meta description” is a self-definition, an expression of identity, it is what the website describes about itself. It would be just a file tag if it weren$0027t for one small big detail: it doesn$0027t just appear in the HTML, it also appears in the SERPs. Yes, you heard right, this humble tag, ignored by search engines, has access to the most desired space in content marketing.

Importance of appearing in SERPs

Appearing in the SERPs is like winning the top prize in the lottery. It is the most noble space, it is where we all want to be, it is the place where you can establish a direct link with the user.

Think of it this way. Everything happens very quickly, the user turns on his computer, enters Google and types in a question, the answer page opens and your page is positioned among the first 9 results.

The user, as always in a hurry and without time, is impatient to solve his problems. In his anxiety, he won$0027t click, he will barely move the mouse pointer over the links. Suddenly he passes over your link, stops, the title pleases him; finally someone is giving him concrete information about his question.

Then you see the URL and below it, the “meta description”. It pleasantly takes your gaze to the text to read it and decide whether to click or not. It is there, you have captured his attention and his willingness to listen to you. Imagine; all the effort of your team rewarded! He will read those, approximately, 156 characters, thought out and chosen to make a difference, in less than five seconds.

That how long you have to make the sale. The question is: knowing this, what would you write in the “meta description”?

How do you make a meta description that will attract clicks?

So, you should think about this: the main benefit of being in a SERP is that you establish a direct link with the surfer, directly with the one who clicks. It no longer depends on algorithms or GoogleBot, you are there, face to face with him.

In other words, it no longer just a tag that describes the content of your page, now it also an opportunity to capture a click. Therefore, when writing the “meta description” remember these 10 tips:

  1. We want to please firstly the person and only secondly the search engines.
  2. While the number of characters is 156, if you want to ensure that Google does not cut your “meta description” never go beyond 139.
  3. Include the key words in the title, these will appear in bold to draw the reader attention and facilitate “scannability”.
  4. The stylistic question is relevant, the exercise of artistic literature is very important, writing in an original and understandable way that creates links with the reader.
  5. Add value by including relevant information for your audience. Don$0027t just talk about you or your business, talk about them, the solution to their problems. This exercise is important because it will lead you to think about your client needs. What does he value most?
  6. Never use only capital letters, that can be interpreted as shouting.
  7. Highlight what makes your content unique in relation to others.
  8. Transmit confidence, if you have any certificate or seal of quality is here to use it. To make the decision to click, the user must feel confident.
  9. Inform the benefit of clicking on your link, invite the user to discover, include unCTA.
  10. Always be honest, don$0027t promise what you can$0027t deliver.

In relation to search engines

Once you have elaborated your meta description with lapersona in mind, you can optimize it, now, thinking about the search engines.

Google does not declare its criteria for positioning a page, but we, who study the subject, look for standards that help us to optimize our pages and make them more attractive. Therefore, one of our main objectives in digital marketing work is to tune in to search algorithms.

  1. Don$0027t alternate capitalization with lower case, it can make it difficult for search engines to find you.
  2. Preferably do not use quotes, it can create confusion with HTML.
  3. Think of the meta description as aSnippets. If we consider that Google goal is to please more and more the user, a good “meta description” can help with that goal. If it is well written and optimized, it can be transformed into a Snippet.

Finally, I want to tell you that this work of creating the “meta description” should be thought for those pages that have more traffic. It would be impossible to create a meta description for every page generated and it would not compensate for the effort, therefore, focus on those with the highest search traffic, as it is these pages that have opportunities to appear in the SERPs.

I hope that this publication will help you capture more clicks and become more authoritative on the subject. You know you can count on us. Leave your comments!

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