One to One Marketing: understand the concept to customize your micromarketing strategy

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One to One Marketing or Micromarketing is a strategy based on the personalization of the experience for the customers. Read on to learn more about it!

Micromarketing or one-to-one marketing is a tool that has emerged precisely at a time when the consumer is increasingly demanding and in search of a more lasting and personalized link with the companies with which he or she relates.

Thus, it is necessary for companies to seek to understand how micromarketing works and what the differential they are looking for may be to meet the needs of their consumers.

In this article, we will talk about this face-to-face communication and its power in a highly competitive market.

What is Micromarketing or One to One Marketing?

Have you ever wondered why you always go back to the places where you usually have lunch, go shopping or participate in a happy hour with your friends? Its probably not just because of the price and quality of the service.

There is something else, known as unique and differentiated attention. Thats right: we are demanding consumers and, as such, we like to be treated well, called by name and have our wishes attended to.

Transferring this reality to the digital world (which is much wider in its possibilities), we can talk about one by one to gain more and more customers. Providing that special touch that everyone wants to receive, remembering their tastes and preferences.

Summarizing, we can say that micromarketing is a type of interaction that goes back to the preferences of each client, valuing them as old acquaintances and important pieces for the business.

The advantages of Micromarketing

It facilitates the segmentation of the target audience

This type of marketing helps to better identify that group of consumers most likely to respond to the products or services your company offers.

One-to-one marketing is very important to avoid wasting resources and time with a poorly selected audience.

From the moment you work on your segmentation according to consumer affinity with your brand, it is possible to achieve greater assertiveness in your loyalty strategy.

Help to know your customers better

Today, companies that invest only in mass marketing are losing out to those that have already discovered that the best way is to build customer loyalty.

Micromarketing allows you to get to know better each of the people who come into contact with your company. This facilitates the creation of personalized campaigns, which generates greater interaction and simplicity to complete a purchase and sale transaction.

Allows you to send personalized messages

If your company invests only in purely commercial content, without taking into account the unique nature of each individual, it will be difficult to establish a more intimate and trusting relationship with the client.

Because Micromarketing helps to understand the individual preferences and tastes of each customer, your company can invest in marketing campaigns with personalized messages at the right time of the customers day.

Your sales funnel can be fully optimized to deliver individualized content according to the stage the customer is in – whether it is at the stage of discovery and interest, consideration and intention or, more at the end of the funnel, at the stage of evaluation and purchase.

Support your upsell strategy

Upsell or additional selling is a technique widely used to get the customer to buy something beyond what he intended.

Since one-to-one marketing allows you to know your customers buying behaviour in depth, you can use upsell as a strategy to increase the average ticket of each customer.

The important thing is to act with honesty and always offer something that is really appropriate to the clients need, since that is a relationship that involves some psychological factors in relation to peoples desire to consume.

If you are dishonest, you may lose trust and credibility with the consumer – which will make him or her unwilling to buy from you again (after all, trust is the cornerstone of a buy-sell relationship).

Lets look at an example: lets say you are in the retail segment and you sell a computer to an old customer. Since you already know him well and know his needs, you can take advantage of this to offer other accessories – helping him get the most out of your product.

Where to get data to personalize strategies

CRM, Big Data and Business Intelligence systems are valuable sources of data that can be used to extract the maximum amount of information to segment and retain your audience.

To make the most of these tools and achieve success in your Micromarketing, you must know the difference between each of them and how they can help you in the personalization of your strategies:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

It is possible to use this tool to store and manage a database of your customers – such as name, branch of activity and purchase behavior – as well as to know the means of interaction of these customers in the main channels on the Internet, such as e-mails and site visits.

Thus, it becomes easier to produce intelligent and personalized content according to the data the company has of its main customers.

Big Data

The Big Data is a tool that covers a much larger amount of data than the CRM. It collects information from various sources, such as social media, e-mail marketing and geolocation.

This tool is an inexhaustible source of data that can be used to optimize any micromarketing strategy.

Business Intelligence (BI)

The BI is not only about data collection, but also about its organization, monitoring and distribution, to help in the decision making process by the managers of a company.

It is fundamental for professionals involved in a process to be able to analyze their information and foresee future business opportunities or to avoid any problems that may arise.

The 3 tools mentioned above are essential for one-to-one marketing, since control of the data allows for the development of more personalized content strategies and more assertive decision-making.

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