Do you spend hours wondering what tools can help you stop being invisible on the web, increase your sales and the authority of your brand? We$0027ll tell you.

One of the most difficult tasks nowadays is to stand out from the competitors that are emerging all the time. In many cases the battle is with a company that already has experience and has a budget.

But all is not lost my friends. Fortunately, there are tools that we can enjoy in a simple way and with a good cost benefit. I$0027m sure they will help you take another step in your business strategy.

Do you want to know more about it? Then don$0027t miss the next few lines.

Tools to help you have discipline when creating content

  • Always have a paper and pen at hand so that when you get an insight or an idea, it doesn$0027t get away from you, even if you$0027re in line at the shop or relaxing at home.
  • If you are a heavy user of the online applications we indicate Evernote, One Note and Google Keep. All are great for quickly jotting down ideas, allowing you to share them, take photos and save files to read later. These applications also have a Chrome extension and a mobile friendly version .
  • End all distractions that can take your focus away: stay offline and turn off your mobile.
  • Find a place without noise to do your business activities.

Now, let get to work!

1. Prepare an editorial calendar

The editorial calendar is fundamental to any content marketing strategy. This practice keeps your content organized by date of publication, posts pending or under review and in which social networks each publication will appear.

We show you the applications: Hootsuite and Buffer that are excellent for management, monitoring and analysis, also, the editorial calendar ready to edit that you can download for free:

2. Put strength into guerrilla marketing

It is perfect for businesses that need to attract attention , however do not have a high budget.

Here it is worth using humor and emotions to attract attention to your site.

But, if you don$0027t know how to do it, we prepared this post about it.

Pay attention to details to make a successful campaign and avoid getting a negative result.

3. Invest in your visual identity

One way to attract potential customers and gain positive visibility in the digital media is by investing in the creation of a logo for your brand. Visual identity says a lot about the business and about the values it represents. This is interesting for your audience to identify your brand and generate buying preference.

4. Use the share buttons on social networks

If you$0027re using, you may have heard about the plugin called Jetpak . Do you know it? It has several services and features that you can set up separately. Among the functions are the share buttons. So if you are present in social networks and produce content, the tool allows your audience to easily share it on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and more.

5. Make site visitors loyal

You$0027ve produced quality content to engage your audience, now you have the knife and the cheese in your hand to create email lists and send your audience all the news on your site or blog.

The email marketing strategy is applicable to ensure that you have an audience that will stop consuming your message. You can segment contacts and get future buying opportunities.

6. Invest in recommendations

If there are customers who are satisfied with your business solutions, it is almost certain that they also know other people who could benefit from the solutions you offer, right?

Whenever possible, ask the client to recommend you to others.

A good way to succeed is by offering the customer some reward , be it a discount on the next purchase, a promotional gift or any other advantage.

By the way, you may be surprised at the results of that action.

7. Validate a keyword with Google

There no easier and simpler way to get reference keywords for a specific topic than by using Google search.

Write at least 3 or 4 characters and watch the suggestion that appears in the search engine. This functionality of Google Instant is versatile and dynamic.

Another possibility is to go to the bottom of the results page, there will appear other searches that were related to the initial term of your research.

8. Use optimized templates

It no secret to anyone working with digital marketing that a site or blog must be responsive. To provide a good user experience, all data and information must be quickly uploaded to mobile devices. Remember: this is a indispensable factor for SEO .

Don$0027t forget that detail: if your page is not optimized, it is very likely that you will lose your audience and, moreover, you will break the possibility of making sales.

9. Use Google Adwords as your ally

Google Adwords is a resource that attracts successful business results. Here, the keywords are the queens. Through them, sponsored link ads are created, fruit of users$0027 search results.

Needless to say, the possibility of conversion into sales grows significantly using this tool. It brings advantages such as greater segmentation power, SEO benefits, adjustment and control of cost per campaign and much more.

10. Values good service

Enchant your customers to share the good experience with other users. This helps your brand reputation, generates authority and trust. Service is a key point for any entrepreneur. Pay real attention, because a bad experience with the product or with the service will bring negative results for the brand.

Those were some of the indications of tools we have for you. Surely you have understood the importance of your presence on the web, but that alone is not enough. Hook yourself up with the concepts and applications to get on the first page of Google.

Do you plan to go deeper into the subject to achieve more visibility?

We prepared a complete ebook for you, download our definitive guide to conquer the first page of Google.

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