Learn about the types of traffic that exist in digital media and learn how to define which one is most beneficial to your strategy. However, we will place special emphasis on organic traffic. Learn why and how to take advantage of it.

For those who have a website, one of the priorities is traffic. Traffic can come from several sources, today we are going to know them a little more and focus on organic traffic, one of the sources that can bring us more benefits.

What are the types of traffic?

Traffic for websites can be of various types: paid traffic, direct traffic, viral traffic or organic traffic.

Paid traffic

Paid traffic is traffic obtained by paying a third party to send visitors to your website. It can be pay-per-click (PPC) advertising or sponsored content.

Direct traffic

It is the traffic that comes from experience or knowledge, for example, to go to the Google page, we do not need to search it first, we type it directly because we already know this page well.

Viral traffic

This is the traffic you receive when many people share a link because it is interesting. Viral traffic is mostly done through social networks, it can be thanks to mentions or shared content.

Organic traffic

This is the kind of traffic we$0027re going to focus on today, the reason? Because this is the one that brings the most advantages. The people who come from this medium are the ones who are most interested in our site, since they sought our information directly.

This traffic is the one that comes through the search engines for free.

Why is it important to work on organic traffic strategies?

Whoever finds you with a Google search, for example, or any other search engine, is much more likely, than any other visitor, to buy something you sell. They are also more likely to subscribe by leaving their email, as they are eager for the kind of information you offer.

This person will more easily give you a “like”, leave you a comment or even recommend your post, because as he or she needs the information you offer, he or she will value your work.

As you can see, organic traffic is an excellent way to get a valuable audience.

How to attract organic traffic?

In order to attract organic traffic we must work hard to get indexed by the search engines and to be in the first positions of a search.

And how to achieve this? by following SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, which are based on keywords, text scannability, load time, user experience; using internal and external links and working the authority of your page.

5 practical steps to obtain organic traffic

1. Answers users$0027 questions

We know that Google is able to understand and interpret the words that users put in their searches. Generally, when we start to write in Google, it automatically completes it, for example, with the most frequent searches, and that is when we should take advantage of this to write about what is being searched for.

Before you start writing, put your keyword in the search engine, let it complete it, and adopt this phrase as your keyword.

With this tactic you will answer questions about what is most wanted and the probability of appearing in the search mechanisms will be higher. Consequently, you will be able to get more qualified visits from users who found exactly what they were looking for.

2. Create quality content

Considering SEO techniques when creating content is fundamental. Details such as including the keyword in the URL, in the title and in at least one subtitle of your post.

Implementing meta descriptions for search engines to interpret the theme of your content and short paragraphs to facilitate reading are very important. In addition to this, the value and quality of the articles are also fundamental.

Images are also important. Put the keyword when you tag them and in their alternative title, this will help in the search.

After you publish your article, don$0027t stop updating it. And if they tell you something, comment on it properly. Respond quickly, and if the comments are negative, even faster. For search engines, comments are part of the text.

3. Look for links to sites with authority.

One of the most efficient practices to give authority to your page is to hold on to the authority of others, so ellink building is a very good practice for this.

The easiest way to do link building is from our social networks. something that goes unnoticed can help you give you authority, place your url in your profile information as well as in publications.

Elguest posts a strategy where you write on a page with authority and in that article you create links to your content.

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4. Make your website fully compatible with mobile devices

Increasingly, mobile device searches are much larger than computer searches.

For this reason, Google considers it a very important requirement that the pages of its search results are perfectly compatible with cell phones and mobile devices in general. This includes load time.

The websites that rank highest must be responsive and fast loading.

5. Do an analysis of your publications

It very important that after we make a post, we do an analysis of the audience.

An excellent tool for this is Google Analytics, which is not only free but also very complete.

With it you can analyze which topics work and which don$0027t. What days and times are best for certain topics. How you are achieving your goals. What we should alter. Among other things.

Do not hesitate to change a strategy that is not working as you expected, for this analysis is essential.

How do you identify the most difficult months to acquire organic traffic and what to do in those cases?

There are months when for some reasons the traffic decreases. The months when there are other activities, traffic is more scarce.

For example, in December, everyone is worried about Christmas and the year-end activities. People have less time and are less connected to the internet. It is at this time that the visits to the web pages decrease and it is a good opportunity to work on the topics that interest us at this time, to try to relate Christmas to our theme and to write about it.

Other difficult months are the school vacation months. People are enjoying outdoor activities and many are traveling, also they are entering less to the internet, so we must take advantage of these issues to attract the public in these difficult times and get a little more traffic. But these months that we mention here, don$0027t necessarily be a pattern for all blogs; it really depends on the type of business. For example, for a travel agency with a travel blog, you won$0027t get as much traffic in February as you will in the periods before the holidays.

As we mentioned before, it is important to give the public the information they need. This is the best kind of audience we can get. The one who comes to us looking for information that we have for them.

As you can see, to get organic traffic you just need organization, a lot of analysis, focus and work. Following our recommendations you will get it and see the excellent results.

Now, what the first tactic you$0027ll use to get organic traffic? Leave us a comment.

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