Link Building is the set of actions made with the aim of generating external links to a URL or more than one website, which boost the strength of your pages when receiving a link that transmits authority.

The Link Building is one of the strategies that helps more with the good positioning of a website in search results. However, it is necessary to know how to develop it in the right way to be successful.

Increasing organic traffic is one of the most valued objectives within Digital Marketing. In the end, who doesn$0027t like to receive visitors that can become customers with a small or no investment?

To achieve this there are various techniques within SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that contribute to a good positioning within search engines. Today we will talk about one of them: the Link Building.

In this article you will discover more about this strategy, the factors that determine its success and some of the techniques that can help you get more links to your domain.

Come with me and find out how to use the link building to your advantage!

What is the Link Building?

Link Building is the set of techniques for generating links on external domains with the aim of improving the SEO positioning of a page or website within search engines.

These external links are known as backlinks. Each of them tells the search engines that the linked content is of value and this ends up increasing their authority.

However, not all backlinks will give you the help you are looking for to improve your positioning, some may even harm you in this task.

What are the key factors for a successful link building strategy?

It is important that you consider some important elements that backlinks should have. Below, we will talk about 10 key factors for a successful link building strategy.

1. Opt for quality instead of quantity

When talking about Link Building and SEO, it is important to explain that quality is much better than quantity . Therefore, having a large number of links to your website will not bring you results if they are not of value.

A link within a single domain, for example, is much better than several backlinks on the same domain.

Another aspect you should also consider is the Page Authority and Domain Autority, which are page authority and domain authority, respectively.

The higher the authority of the page and the site that hosts your backlink, the better, as part of this authority is passed on to the linked page.

In this case it is better to have few backlinks from high authority sites than many links from low authority sites.

2. Seek naturalness

Backlinks should be natural and this is something you should keep in mind at all times.

Anything that is exaggerated or forced is not well seen by search engines, and with Link Building techniques the same thing happens.

Backlinks are important because they show search engines that your content is being cited as reference .

By doing something artificial, the searcher will understand that what you want to do is to trick him, so instead of favoring you, he will harm you.

3. Worry about anchor text

The anchor text is the one in which the link is linked and, although it may seem insignificant, it is more important than many people think.

Phrases like “click here” make the link irrelevant. The ideal is to put the keyword or its variations, so you will give it much more value and naturalness.

4. Search for links in domains of your subject

In backlinks the context is also considered .

Therefore, links from sites that have the same theme as you or pages that talk about issues related to the general focus of your blog are much more valid.

5. Give priority to backlinks placed within text

Where links are placed is also important in a link building strategy.

As we have seen, naturalness is fundamental. For this reason, backlinks within a text, integrating with the content, are better seen than those placed in the footer (at the bottom of the page) or in the sidebar (sidebar).

6. Don$0027t just look for dofollow links

There are two types of links: nofollow and dofollow. Nofollow are those who do not intend to pass authority to the linked page and dofollow are those who intend to pass authority to the linked page.

Many think that their link building strategy must be full of dofollow links. However, the best practice is a balance between the two .

7. Get rid of toxic backlinks

Toxic backlinks are those that we find in poor quality sites, link farms or links without any context, so you must get rid of them so that they do not harm you.

It is good that you make a constant review to see if you do not have this type of backlinks and if you find them, do not hesitate to eliminate them.

To find them you can use the SemRush backlink detector and remove them later.

8. Get your backlinks little by little

If you get many backlinks in a short time, the search engines will surely determine that they were not obtained organically.

Because of this, create a strategy to get them little by little and not overnight.

9. Worry about the TLD of the links

The TLD is a very important aspect that you should worry about for an international reach.

The TLD is the last segment of a domain, it can be .com, .org, .ar, .co, .pe, etc. In the case you want to reach a specific country, you should look to get backlinks from the TLD of the country you want to enter.

This way it will be easier to open up your field and improve your positioning in these new territories.

10. Generates quality content

I left this factor for last because it may seem quite obvious. However, it is indispensable for obtaining valuable backlinks.

By generating really good content, you will be naturally linked by sites that see your content as a reference and these are the best backlinks you can get.

What link building techniques can I use?

There is a wide range of possibilities when it comes to link building techniques. However, within Digital Marketing only those that are ethical, transparent and, at the same time, effective should be applied.

Some of them are:

Guest Post

This is perhaps the most popular Link Building technique, and it is very fair, as it is a guarantee of positive results.

The idea is to write as a guest author on sites that have a better or similar domain authority than yours, and preferably on the same topic as you. This way you can place some links to your domain in a natural way.

Contact the sites that you identify with the most and that have the requirements you are looking for and offer to write a guest post.

A variation of this practice is the exchange of posts. You write for a website and he writes for your domain.

This strategy also brings positive results, but not as many as when the links are not reciprocal. One important thing for a good result is not to abuse this practice.

If you want to know how to do Guest Posting with quality, download our FREE guide to the subject here!

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Improve existing content

If you see that a content of your theme is constantly receiving backlinks, then write a better one so that it can replace it.

For example, if there a “Top 20 Ways to Relax” article, what you can do is write another one like “Top 35 Ways to Relax Anytime”.

Of course, the new content must have more than a strategic title and effective distribution of keywords. It is important that it actually contains additional relevant information.

In this complete guide we show you how to update the contents of your website to make them more attractive. It also free!

Finding broken links

If you find broken links in contents of your theme you can search within your blog for some texts that you have written and that can replace them.

Contact the website that has the broken links and offer to replace them.

If within your blog you do not find content that can replace broken links, then it might be worthwhile to create one and offer it.

Create press releases

A good press release can easily be disseminated in the media, as long as the content is relevant.

Create a press release about a new product, the opening of a new store or some other novelty in your sector. Send it to the media to be spread in their networks or their website and you will get a relevant link.


Good! You know the importance of link building and how a good strategy can contribute greatly to a good positioning in search results.

This strategy is not only to get a lot of links, but also to get valuable links, which convey authority to your page.

Techniques can be used to obtain backlinks, however, they should not be abused.

The Link Building strategy brings excellent results when done correctly. So, if you want to learn more about it, download The Ultimate Link Building Guide now and become a real specialist in the subject!

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