Industrial Marketing: Learn how to use it to get the best results in your strategy

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Industrial Marketing is a solution designed to direct messages from one company to another.

In general, we can define industrial marketing as the relationship between 2 companies.

In English, the term used is B2B, which means business to business .

It deals with the marketing of a company that is not aimed at the end consumer, but at other organizations.

If the subject seems confusing, think that companies can create products not only to serve individual customers, but also other companies and organizations.

This is the case in industries that develop large machines that are not useful for ordinary consumers.

However, they are useful for other companies, such as automotive and construction companies, which have the resources for large purchases and demand for large-scale production.

Therefore, for these industries, it is necessary to communicate with other companies (consumers) to promote their products efficiently.

Thus, industrial marketing emerges as a viable strategy.

Is it clearer now?

So be sure to follow this publication all the way through to learn more about the subject and to learn how to develop a truly efficient industrial marketing strategy for your interests.

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What is industrial marketing?

Marketing is the activity that promotes a particular offer to attract and retain customers.

In this sense, industrial marketing is a solution designed specifically for the objectives of companies that need to direct their message to other companies.

The idea behind B2B is to build solid and lasting relationships between companies, creating conditions for large, long-term sales and interaction with more people than in business to clients (B2C).

This depends on the creation of agreements between the companies, both in the production and in the purchase and shipment of the products, which makes this type of sale more complex.

To further facilitate understanding of industrial marketing, compare a store that sells products directly to customers with an industry that offers a range of products for a particular store.

In the first case, for the store to be successful, you need to build a structure for this:

  • have a good sales team;
  • invest in interesting prices in the market;
  • and work with useful solutions for the consumer.

In the case of the industry that sells to the store, the sales process is even more demanding because the consumer profile is different.

And, rather than seducing this consumer, it must ensure a safe and profitable sale that is sustained over the long term.

There goes the marketing!

It is this one who can provide adequate information on the quality of the product offered and highlight other differentials such as prices.

In short, it is through a marketing strategy (in this case, industrial marketing) that customers can be convinced that there are good reasons to put those products in your store.

What are the benefits of industrial marketing?

When used strategically, B2B enables a company to dramatically increase its profits.

With actions that can differentiate it in the market in which it operates, it is possible to create value and thus positively impact potential customers.

Industrial marketing has significant differences compared to traditional marketing, especially in the type of audience that needs to be reached.

Now it is not the client who needs your attention, but other companies.

Yet, in essence, its purpose remains the same, that is, to bring a brand closer to the audience it needs to communicate with.

At this point, it is necessary to develop strategies capable of achieving this specific profile.

When this happens, the company can benefit by offering a differentiated and specific approach.

Remember that in B2B, communication must focus more on ensuring performance and results than necessarily on achieving a projected desire to consume some product.

Therefore, it is necessary to develop a rational, differentiated strategy that is truly capable of adding value to the customer.

Well done industrial marketing is based on a quantitative basis that highlights the benefits a company will have when acquiring your solution.

In this way, it allows companies to know their audience better, enabling them to plan their actions based on their adequate understanding of the market in which they operate and the possibilities offered by the consumer.

Through research and data analysis, it is possible to identify trends and behaviours and to develop more efficient strategies.

Furthermore, by working with qualitative and quantitative indicators, the industry can make control a differential in its performance .

In this sense, Digital Marketing emerges as an alternative to be considered.

With its many KPI possibilities, it allows almost real time monitoring of what is happening within a campaign.

With the growth of digital marketing, companies have more than the possibility of investing in building an online strategy, now they also have the obligation to occupy an interesting space in this environment.

Thats why its interesting to know how to handle it.

How to create an industrial marketing strategy?

As with B2C, B2B always starts with the proper identification of the target audience , and it is through this that the strategy is developed.

Ill tell you whats next:

  • you need to know what kind of activity can benefit from what your company offers as a solution;
  • then identify the buyer person in this audience, i.e. someone who will represent your ideal client;
  • Consequently, marketing actions will emerge focused on this representation;
  • as a result, work with specific channels to attract your personality to your companys website;
  • Thinking about the opportunities of digital marketing, this implies specific actions in social networks, Google AdWords and the production of organic traffic, that is, the one you dont pay to get.

In this logic, in addition to trying to win customers, the strategy must also draw attention to the companys current customers.

To do this, engagement and relationship actions can be used in social media campaigns, exploiting the potential of sites such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as e-mail marketing campaigns, for example.

With inbound marketing, it is possible to add value to a brand by offering quality content that includes what the company sells.

That is why it is important to invest in after-sales when the company seeks to maintain a relationship that can preserve its client.

The idea is to get them to go further, to participate in the organizations online channels, so as to encourage new conversions.

Finally, building an industrial marketing strategy requires working with routine analysis capable of verifying whether the performance indicators are in line with your interests.

As said, this is an advantage of digital marketing: it offers tools that simplify this process of control and monitoring so that you can act more quickly when faced with any need for intervention.

Basically, a B2B digital marketing strategy is simple, involves capacity to generate engagement and allows precise control.

Once done, it tends to attract significant advantages for the companys performance in the market.

What is the importance of this strategy within digital marketing?

In the previous topic, we cited digital marketing. It was intentional.

At the moment we live, it is a useful solution for the diffusion of the companies, especially for the control that allows to mount the strategies.

Remember that a company is unlikely to be present in an online environment, something that, in the case of B2B, makes all the difference.

More than being online, companies need to mark their territory in a digital environment.

That way, the greater the presence of your company in this environment, the more possibilities it has to get closer to your ideal consumer, having the way to interact with him to the point of identifying his needs, desires and ambitions.

All this allows your company to make the solutions it offers compatible with the real needs of these customers, all strategically thought out and with greater possibilities of results.

Thus, with a good digital marketing strategy, it is possible to improve a companys image in the online environment in the eyes of potential customers.

With interesting visibility in search engines, which improves the reach of your brand, so that terms related to your segment are associated with your business.

This gives your company the benefits of a massive online presence and allows you to build an interesting relationship with your audience based on a differentiated experience.

Finally, as with B2C, B2B must also be properly understood to generate strategies that can differentiate a company in the environment in which it operates.

When this happens, the trend is that this company will be able to expand more efficiently and, thus, it is possible to obtain important partners for the sequence of its activities.

Were done!

Once the article is finished, we can clarify that industrial marketing or also called business marketing, is a marketing technique applied to the advertising of products or services between companies.

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