Learn how to get backlinks and increase the authority of your site by using the infographics you produce for your website!

Do you want to learn a new way to achieve backlinks for your site? Thats what were gonna talk about at the Rock Labs today.

Today Ill introduce you to a very interesting method that I learned with Brian Dean from Backlinko, which is a technique for you to get links and also gain more and more authority within your market.

What are Guestographics?

Okay, but what are Guestographics? The name Guestographics comes from the term Guest Post. That is, you will do the same thing you do with posts – changing and sending posts to be published in other blogs – however, you will do that with infographics, thats where Guestographics comes from.

Surely you know what an infographic is. Infographics are visual, excellent contents that generate a lot of engagement and “shared”, that attract readers and are easily consumed. In short, using infographics within your blog only brings benefits.

We use quite a lot of infographics here at Rock Content, so when I learned this link building method, I thought: “of course we can use it, after all, we already have so many quality infographics that we better use them in an even more strategic way”.

So, if you already do infographics, or if you dont, Ill leave you the advice to start right now.

Link building with infographics

You can use your infographics to do link building. The first and most obvious step is to make a beautiful and wonderful infographic so that you can publish it in your blog. Of course, always make infographics for content that is relevant and where infographics fit well.

The infographic doesnt need to be giant, it can be simple. An infographic can be simple and short as long as it explains the proposed topic very well. It can be very interesting that you already start producing (if you dont produce yet) infographics by strategically thinking how you can use them to achieve links.

Well, you created a great infographic, which you know will make anyone in your market jealous.

And this is the big moment.

You will Google the keyword of the infographic you created, or you can also go in a tool like Semrush and confer the organic competitors that are talking about this same topic, using the same keyword.

Its content does not necessarily have to be about your topic. For example, we have an infographic about “what is content marketing”.

It is a summary of the concept within the infographic. But he does not need to be just inside the content “what is content marketing”. It can also appear in many other contents. Thus, you can address several people with different topics in which it makes sense that that infographic is there.

Perfect. I will continue to use this infographic as an example for our content. We already have this excellent material on the subject, so I will now search and find potential partners, potential people who can use this infographic in their blogs.

Well, as soon as I identify her, Ill find that persons contact on her blog and send her a proposal. Youll have two different options here:

Direct and indirect approach

The direct approach is to contact the person and say “look, I saw that you have some content on topic X. I found it interesting and I have an infographic on that same topic that you can use within your content. This infographic will enrich your content and leave it with even more quality, hooking and pleasing your reader more. In return, I would just ask you to reference the infographics, commenting on where you got it from, putting a link to the content of my site”.

Some people will accept, others may refuse your offer, but you will certainly get good infographic backlinks with this approach.

The second approach tries to be a little more indirect, that is, you send the infographic to the person with the following:

“Hello, person, very interesting content you have on topic X. I have produced an infographic on this topic and I would like you to give your opinion. What do you think of the infographic? Do you like it? Do you have any advice?”.

Now we just have to wait for the answer. The person will probably reply “Wow, I loved your infographic, its very nice…”, and there you can, in a following email, tell him “Oh, Im glad you liked it! Would you be interested in using this infographic within your content?”

The person can answer yes or no, but here, once again, you have a good opportunity to achieve your backlink.

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Extra tip

Perfect, these would be the Guestographics I learned from Brian Dean. But, here at Rock, we thought of another way thats great for you to do it too. It works like this: inside the content you use your info-graphics, it would be very interesting if, underneath it, you put an incorporation link.

Why? Imagine a person who is in your blog, has just seen the formidable infographic you published and thinks: “I would like very much to have an infographic like that in my content”.

Then, when it comes down, it finds a code of incorporation. That is, the person will be able to copy that code, put it in their blog and thats it, your infographic will be published inside their blog.

Interesting, isnt it? But wheres the big advantage in putting this incorporation code? Within the incorporation code you already leave a link for your site, that is, the person will publish the infographic in his site, already linking for yours, where he has removed the content.

So, maintaining a code of incorporation in interesting images, in infographics or in other types of content that you put in your blog can be an excellent way to get backlinks. adding also a strategy of approaching people.

Remember that by referring to your site, having your logo, talking about your brand, etc, infographics also create brand awareness, generating greater visibility for your brand and building you as an authority on the subject.

Well, I hope you liked todays content and that you are prepared to use backlinks in infographics to increase your notoriety.

And if youre happy to partner with other blogs, download our complete, free Guest Posting guide and start building your alliances with precision!



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