Google+ is a service that belongs to the Google Inc. network and as such, it is a social layer, that is, it has the capacity to combine social interaction with many other services in a transversal way.

Who surfs the Internet is not familiar with Google?

Being one of the largest companies in the United States and even worldwide! It was founded in 1998 and its main product is the search engine created by Larry Page and Segey Brin. It is simply impossible not to know what it is.

Also, as it is known, Google has other services outside the general search engine such as: Google News, Google Images, Google Videos, which are characterized by their versatility with which they provide the public, content of all kinds.

Similarly, Google has other services that are even more popular and go beyond the search engine alone, for example:

  • Gmail (email)
  • Google Maps
  • Adsense(Online Advertising System)
  • YouTube
  • Blogger
  • The social network Google+

Just to mention a few.

I could stay and talk about each and every one of them to deepen the characteristics and virtues that make it a unique and incomparable service. However, for the purposes of this article, I would like to focus on just one of them: Google+ , which beyond being a social network, is an infallible key to online positioning.

Getting down to business: About Google+

As I mentioned in the previous point, Google+ is a service that belongs to the Google Inc. network and as such, it is a social network that was launched in June 2011.

Google+ proposes that its users be over 13 years of age, although its policies are becoming increasingly rigorous and careful for the safety of users who decide to open an account there.

Today it has around 570 million active users and is positioned as one of the social networks with more followers not because of its popularity, but because it is linked to YouTube and Gmail.

In addition, as an application, it is available and default on Android mobile devices. But it can also be purchased on iOS operating systems and installed on desktop computers.

The creation of Google+

Google is the companys fourth attempt to enter the world of social networking and emerged from Google Buzz and Orkut.

Google+ began to acquire greater potential thanks to the fact that in 2012, Google promoted the creation of the profile in the social network almost on a mandatory basis. So it imposed, in order to use all the features and services of Google Inc, such as YouTube, users had to have an open account in Google+.

On the other hand, since its creation, Google+ has shown itself to be a great marketing tool for generating visibility . However, despite its potential, it continues to be a platform that is misunderstood and underused by many businesses. For, beyond its function as a social network, it is a powerful promoter of content in the search engine and not many people know it.

What is Google+

Google+ is a social network that, like any other, allows interaction with people and companies. However, Google itself does not call it a social network but a social layer . What does this mean?

This platform has the capacity to combine social interaction with many other services in a transversal way, which is what we have been talking about in the previous points, hence its strong influence on web positioning and the fact that we cannot ignore the use of Google+ for the diffusion of our contents, brands and business.

What is Google+ for

The greatest use of Google+ is to expose the content we share publicly, both in our personal profile and in a business page we have, in the search results.

Unlike other social networks, where published content gets lost in the timeline, on Google+ the content always lives because sharing information there regularly makes it indexed and can appear in Google searches.

Isnt that great?

In short, all content delivered by Google+ increases the chances of appearing to users when they search with the associated keywords.

Types of accounts

Social networks in general offer two types of accounts: personal and business, whose characteristics differ by the versatility and scope of the content and the number of followers they can cover.

Personal Google+ account

Now all Google accounts: Blogger, YouTube, Gmail and Google+, just to mention a few, are integrated into one. Therefore, no matter where the user is located, their identity will be the same.

Personal accounts are necessary for proper management and development in the Google universe and are even necessary to access business accounts.

If you dont have a Google account yet, you can start by creating a personal profile here:

Business page on Google+

The main difference between a personal account and a business page is that you can include business related information, links from your website and other social networks you manage. It will also be very important to add here information about the professional practice you have in your business, the keywords (fundamental) so that you can appear in the searches that people make in Google and thus increase the possibility of bringing more visitors to your Google+ page or even web page.

How to make a business profile in Google Plus

As youve seen, Google+ is a widely used social network around the world. Having a company profile on Google Plus can be an excellent SEO and content strategy. When well worked out, the page can increase the visibility and authority of the website or online store.

Technical execution: Creating the profile

From a technical point of view, making a business profile will not take long. To do so, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Make a personal Google account. If you dont have one, its a good idea to create one right away.

  1. Access the “Pages” menu on the left side of the screen.

  1. Click “Create Page”.

  1. Choose the category according to the characteristics of your business or company.

  1. Choose the subcategory so that the business or company is well classified.

  1. Fill in the fields with information such as the name of the page and age restrictions.

  1. Change and add information.

  1. Share the page with your contacts and let people know about your brand.

3TipTo have a crazy profile on Google+

Now you know how to make your profile, but… Does the page contain the necessary information to make it a success? We know that this point raises doubts, so well give you sometipsfantastics:

  • Complete the profile to the maximum

It may seem like simple advice, but many people forget to fill out their profile correctly. Apart from placing interesting information for the public, it is important that you pay attention to updates when they are needed. For example, the address of the company may change and people should be informed about this new location.

  • Community participation

The groups/communities are great places to get new followers. This allows the company to strengthen its contact with the public.

  • Hangouts are good for communication

Using Hangouts is a great idea for answering customer questions, offering webinars, etc. Its importance lies in the fact that it is a good way to talk to the fans and get to humanize the brand.

Undoubtedly, a business profile on Google+ can improve (and much) the course of tunegócio.


Google+ has some features that make it unique. See below the specificities of this social network:


Circles allow you to organize people into groups or share lists, including across Googles various products and services.


This feature allows you to communicate via instant messaging and private video conferencing between the people you have added to your circles. You can also create public webinars or video conferences that are broadcast live to an unlimited number of people.


It serves as an interface to the Google search engine, which allows users to identify topics of interest to share with others.

+1 button

Its the equivalent button to the “I like it” button on many of the other social networks. However, its much more than just giving a “like” on the web. The +1 button has a great influence on the positioning of websites.


You can also upload photos and videos using the option, you can also edit the contents, organize and retouch them with the functions inside.

Criticisms of the social network

The criticisms of Google+ are frequent, but nothing is as solid as to make this network disappear and leave its users adrift. Since its creation in 2011, many complaints have arisen about poor resources and problems with updates. The limited resources are the result of poor investment for this purpose.

Another issue that raises a question mark in the minds of both companies and individuals is the integration of contacts with Gmail . Many times, excessively old email addresses appear and people who no longer check their account end up becoming part of the network, thus involving obsolete contacts.

Although these criticisms exist, it is important to stress that a social network can be extremely efficient beyond its shortcomings. This is because it is necessary to take advantage of the positive aspects and know how to use it correctly.

To finish

Google+ has nothing to do with a competition for Facebook or any other social network, as the media has often tried to show us. Google+ proposes another method, another mentality, another move to turn around the issue of social integration.

It is, in the end, a network with a great advantage that cannot be wasted to spread our contents and much less to communicate our brands and business.

Lets just remember one thing:

It is not a question of opening up the Google+ social network without reasons or strategies. It will be of no use if it is not kept active, updated, of quality, interesting and in line with peoples needs.

Do you already have an active Google+ account? If youre still not convinced by the fact of positioning, you can consult the direct link of the social network about the operation, virtues and advantages: Google+ Help

On the contrary, if you already have a Google+ account and you are succeeding in it, leave us in the comments your opinions and ways of use, it will be a pleasure to count on your knowledge and experience!

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