Strategy is a way of thinking and organizing our resources in an intelligent way to achieve a certain goal. Its importance comes from the fact that at the same time it increases the chances of success, it decreases the production costs. That is why it is one of the main topics, we could say that it is a way of positioning ourselves in front of the market to create and take advantage of the opportunities.

When we develop a strategy, we project our thinking over time because we have a need. To solve our need, we will execute a plan or perform a risky action. Strategy is rational thinking about our chances of success and the way we approach it, the tone, the places and the times. It also helps us to invest efforts in useful decisions.

We will not know how to get there if we are not clear about where we want to go, in the same way if we do not know what we want we will never know how to reach it.

That why today we$0027ll talk about how to create an SEO strategy from scratch, we$0027ll see some initial concepts to understand where we want to go and what we want to achieve and then plan the how . Let create our SEO strategy together!

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Buyer Person

The Person is very famous in the marketing world, as it is our gateway to the customer point of view. Through it, we can detect and analyze different relevant factors to create our strategy. Our precious metal is quality information, knowing schedules, media, channels, places that are frequented, habits and behaviors.

By creating this semi-fictitious character and giving it a specific identity, we manage to define in detail their movements, tastes and themes that they consider relevant, thus being able to anticipate and present our contents in a natural way, as if it were causal. This is fundamental, because it is what creates that quality of not being invasive.


Now you have to find the word that defines you, in marketing language it would be the word you want to position. There are two main types:

  • The Head Tail, which is a single word, generic, high value and high performance;
  • And the Long Tail, which is a group of words that, although they perform less well, reach a group more qualified to receive your offer and are cheaper.

Generally, Long Tails are the most used in content marketing.

To choose yours you must look at two sides, first do a creative job looking for options of what words your Person would write to search for your service. On the other hand, using free analysis tools to search statistics of which were the most typed words. By crossing those two data you define which is the best Long Tail for your business.

Study your competence

Competitive analysis, that its classic name. You know who and you know the word you will say, but from that to the Person paying attention to you there is a great path… And it is not a lonely path, there are many companies competing directly or indirectly with you. Directly when they are competing with your product and indirectly if they are competing for your customer attention.

Therefore, study your competence and make it a source of learning to improve your service. There are many SEO possibilities involving link exchange or the famous guestpost (guest post). So, look at the competition basically like this: there is room for everyone, look for differentiation in something.

SEO Zone

Then, once these actions are done, it time to optimize your page to be found, that why I leave you here this introduction, that although it synthetic, for sure it will help you to understand better this process.

At first it may seem a little difficult, but as we move forward in this universe, these processes become a habit. Let go then to finish this article to give a quick tour of the main parts that make up the famous SEO optimization.


First things first: make your Google Analytics account, add your domain, give your location and obviously put the code in the <head>.


How does the surfer get to your site? What about bots? Have you already uploaded the Sitemap of URLs and images? Have you indexed your page? Is everything labeled?


Simplifying all the processes involving the URL is fundamental to gain positions, URL friendly , easy to remember, easy to write and that summarizes the content. Details, such as a script instead of a underscore, can be very helpful. Remember: never exceed 100 characters.


After all the work we did in searching for the best keywords, it is very important to use them well. Each page has its own keyword that must be in the URL, in the "title", in the H1, in the meta description or in the first 150 characters. In the contents remember to use the variations of the Long Tail.

Meta information

The path of the bots , the large organized file, each "title" is unique and describes the page, it is no longer than 70 characters. The meta description is also unique but is 150 characters long. When you are more advanced, you can test between several tags to see which one performs better.


Well, that our main area. Original content, of the moment, scannable, organized in title and subtitles with coherent hierarchy, with internal and external links, without grammar or spelling mistakes and with more than 300 words.

Off site

Outside your site you can also optimize, so that they reach your pages. Register your domain with the social networks and create an ID that will allow you to publish directly from your panel. And if you have an e-commerce, also do that process in Google + Local and Yelp.

I see you$0027ve taken an interest in the subject and are eager to know more. It just that digital marketing is like an amusement park we never want to leave. Nothing better than working on something that stimulates you, has fun and activates your creativity, so if you want to know everything about SEO to start creating your strategy, download our SEO Glossary e-book!

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