30 Day SEO Learning Challenge

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If you clicked on this article, I$0027m sure of one thing: the importance of SEO came to your attention, you have a notion of the fantastic results you can achieve with it and now, more than ever, you are looking for ways to quickly understand all its techniques.

It true that the Internet has a lot of information on the subject, but how do you know where to start? After all, you want to know how to put it into practice, not just understand what it is.

In this post I prepared a compilation of videos, articles, courses and other relevant materials for you to become an expert and learn SEO in 30 days. Yes, you read right, 30 days!

Just follow the schedule.

What do you need to learn SEO in 30 days?

There are two things, which I consider fundamental, to take into account before implementing the practice of SEO.

First, curiosity . Without this, it is very difficult for you to leave the place. SEO demands that you are prepared to dedicate yourself 100%, since there are a number of concepts, tools and metrics to know.

And secondly, a site . There is no way to run away, if you want to learn SEO you need practice, and this will only be achieved if you have at least one page to implement the strategy.

With that in mind, let get on with the schedule.

Week 1: SEO concepts and how they work

Surely you have heard about the concepts of SEO, but in the first 7 days I want you to dedicate yourself to understand well each one of them.

To begin with, you must understand how search engines work in practice . To do this, here is a video by Matt Cutts, who was responsible for Webspam on Google . In a few minutes, you will have a clear view of how it works.

Once you understand how search engines work, it time to understand the two elements that divide SEO into on-page and off-page .

Here in our blog , we have a very complete article that presents their differences, read it to deepen the knowledge about all its components.

Other materials:

  • The Ultimate Guide to SEO;

The algorithm of Google changes frequently. So, even if by the end of this week you$0027ve fully understood what factors Google considers for its ranking and all the aspects on and off-page that you need to take into account, it important that you follow its updates and keep yourself up to date.

For that, I recommend the Moz tool that records all algorithmic changes from Google .

2nd week: SEO tools

Now that you have all the fresh concepts in mind, it time to know the tools and configure your analytics .

Google Analytics is often the most popular and preferred option among marketing professionals. You can use it to monitor your site, integrating it with your portal. To learn more about how to set up Google Analytics for SEO, check out this guide.

Google Analytics Guide

Download the free ebook by leaving your email and learn how to use the tool like an expert!


I also recommend that you visit Google Analytics Academy – here you will find a series of free courses developed by the Google team to help you understand all the features of Google Analytics .

Besides, the Google Search Console will also be your great ally, and that why it very important that you learn how to use it. Its interface is quite intuitive. In short, this application helps you identify how your website is viewed by Google .

The data it provides (such as the pages indexed, the links pointing to your site, the most popular keywords, click rates, your ranking position, etc.) allows you to have an insight into your SEO strategy and its results.

We have a guide to the tool so you can get the most out of it. Download it!

Week 3: Competitor analysis and keyword research

Analyzing your competitors and searching for keywords are essential factors in implementing a successful SEO strategy. That why spending your time at this stage is probably the most important step.

Analyzing the competition does not mean that you will copy them, it is actually a way to identify if you are doing more and better, in other words, if you are being the best solution for your visitors .

The points you need to identify are:

  • Who are your main competitors;
  • How is your traffic performance;
  • With which keywords they position themselves;
  • How is your external links profile;
  • In what kind of social networks are they present;
  • How is your content strategy.

Here is a HubSpot article with 5 steps to perform competitive analysis and SEO research and our article with 7 tools to get valuable information about your competitors.

Keyword research for your content has a similar dynamic.

Finding the right keywords allows you to connect with people needs, find ideas for your content, define the structure of your website , run pay-per-click campaigns and much more. That why it also requires careful and dedicated analysis.

You can do the keyword research using the tools we recommend in this article, and 2 other tools that are not in the article, but I will tell you anyway: SEMrush and Ubersuggest (yes, you have many options!).

4th week: SEO measurement

How do you measure everything you learned and applied about SEO on your site?

Following the positioning data, references and links is fundamental for the success of your SEO strategy. First of all, you have to determine what you need to measure , for example:

  • Search engine ranking;
  • Conversion rates;
  • Visits by specific terms/phrases;
  • Number of pages visited by search engines;
  • Etc.

Your SEO metrics will depend on your business goals, so take some time to analyze which ones are most relevant to you. You can find the main metrics in this article by SEMrush . And in this guide by Neil Patel, you can see how to measure the success of your SEO strategy.

As you can see, SEO is basically divided into SEO knowledge on and off page ,analytical tools, competitor research, keyword search and metrics analysis.

If you commit to this weekly schedule, I have no doubt that you will learn SEO in 30 days, as I promised at the beginning of this post .

I could not end otherwise than to recommend our SEO guide, a material that will explain SEO from start to finish, with everything you need to know about it. Take advantage of it, it free!

SEO Ebook

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