Don$0027t your Google searches always give good results? You may not know that by applying some basic tricks, you can improve performance and optimize your results. Want to know them? Stay with us!

Searching in Googlese has become an almost daily task, and it is common to use it to get rid of work-related doubts, find restaurants, look for entertainment options. But, sometimes, our friend does not offer such accurate results. And what to do when that happens?

We discovered that effective searches depend on the terms and the way we search As we love sharing knowledge, we want to show you how to get the most out of this search engine.

“Likea pro”:Most effective results in Google

It is possible to improve Google searches by using specific words and symbols. For example, the search engine ignores scores that do not belong to one of the search operators.

When typing, it is essential that you do not add space between the term and the following symbol or word . This looks like a small detail, doesn$0027t it? But it isn$0027t. That can even be the difference between a successful and a failed search.

Look at this:

Search in a specific site

Sometimes, we want to look for information on a certain subject in a certain place. For that, we use “site”. In the search engine we place it like this: site:sitesearch and that it! Google will search for the content inside the site.

Search for related sites

If you want to find similar addresses to a specific site you will need to use the word “related”. In Google you have to type the following form: related:site-specific .

Details about a site

To find information such as the title and description of a given site, use “info”, this way: info:site-specific .

Cache version of a site

You may need to see information located on a site that is inactive or experiencing technical problems. In this case write: cache:site-specific . Google will show the last version of the site before it became inaccessible.

Social network searches indexed in Google

If you want to search for a person on a social network, use elarroba”@” before the username. Google will present the user public posts indexed to the search engine.

Search by Hashtags

Loshashtagsson symbols are widely used in social networks and are part of the group of SEO techniques. By using them you can find publications on a certain topic.

Searching for information in the URL, title or text

Two interesting resources on Google allow you to search for information in the title, URLo text of a page. If you use inulr:word , you will find only pages that are composed of that term.

Aldigitar intitle:temadeinteres , the search engine will present results with the topic of interest in the title.

Now if you use intext:text content , you will find results with the text content of just one page.

Similar searches (for one term or another)

The Google pattern is to show results composed of all the terms you specify in a search. If you$0027re searching for one term or another, it important to use the “OR” operator.

With the fast pace of work, too many tasks and the need to “do everything fast”, we often forget that Google offers fantastic features to optimize not only searches but also time spent.

As we know that you prefer to achieve excellence, we take this opportunity to present you with the best tricks for doing your research.

10 tips to improve Google searches

Doing a super search on the engine seems like an easy task. But, to succeed in the task it is important that you apply different techniques. Without a doubt, you will have a new experience with Google!

Choose appropriate words

Try to choose words that are most likely to appear in the title of a page of a site .

Check out Google quick answers

The search engine offers answers to your question or solution to your problem in the results themselves , dispensing with clicks on sites. For example, Google offers quick answers for the weather in your city, word definitions, results for a mathematical operation, unit conversions, information on sports and other topics.

Ignores, temporarily, spelling and difference between upper and lower case

Having good spelling and using upper and lower case letters is essential for communication. But when it comes to searches, Googleno bot recognizes the difference and tries to find results for the most common spelling of the word, as well as offering results on “Rio de Janeiro”, even if you have typed “rio de janeiro”.

Use the Literality Operator

This will help find a specific term. By typing a sentence into the operator, you will be able to find results that have exactly that phrase.

Uses search filters

When you do a Google search, you can access their tools and get more specific results. That because filters allow you to narrow down your results according to your needs. It is possible to define the nationality of the sites where the search should be made, as well as the publication date and language.

Use keywords

They are terms that have a particular meaning for the programming language, which generates a better positioning in search engines, therefore, if you include them in your searches you will surely find what you need.

Include/exclude words

Another resource that potentiates the results is the use of the script to eliminate unwanted terms. A clear example isTrojanHorse. If you write it as it is, you will surely see countless results, both historical and digital. To do a specific search on the latter, use the hyphen and the word Greece (troyanhorse-greece).

Remember the joker

Commonly forgotten, this symbol serves as a substitute for words. By adding it, Google can replace it with any word. It can be combined with the Literality Operator (” “).

Add the plus sign (+) in front of common words

This is an optimal solution for Google to distinguish specific elements from Spanish. It also serves to get ahead of words that Google considers too common.

Use virgulilla to search for similar words

This symbol should be placed in front of a word when you wish to find synonyms or similar terms.

We$0027re done!

Once we have reached the final point, it is clear that the Google search engine has become part of our lives in the face of the digital transformation that we have witnessed in recent decades, however, like any tool, we must know how to use it to obtain the most accurate result.

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