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WebPosition Gold 3 is a breakthrough in search engine optimization. Offering the complete SEO process, from keyword research to page design and optimization to conversion and revenue tracking, WebPosition Gold gives you access to all of the tools in a single solution. Simply put, the best just got better.

Choose the right edition for your business

WebPosition Gold 3 - STANDARD EDITION
Designed for small to medium businesses looking for an easy-to-use, all-in-one solution to help increase their visibility with search engines.
  • Limited to 5 domains

Price: $149

Ideal for Search Consultants as well as marketing and web professionals within larger businesses. It includes the added benefits of:
  • Unlimited domains
  • Private-labeled reports with your company logo

Price: $349

Increase your horsepower

Platinum Upgrade package
The new Platinum Upgrade provides exceptional value, including:
  • Meta Manager - Manage your HTML meta and title tags
  • Link Defender - Check for any broken links within your site
  • Code Defender - Remove whitespace from your HTML code to improve performance, making it harder for the competition to copy your pages.
  • Plus, coverage for 25 additional search engines

The Platinum Upgrade is available for both the Standard and Professional editions.

Price: $99 ($149 value!)

Page Critic Service
Page Critic Service provides must-have advice to keep you informed of late-breaking changes in the SEO envirnment. SEO isn't a one-time event. To be alerted to changes in the competitive environment which could affect your rankings, the Page Critic Service is continuously updated with the latest-breaking information and recommendations on how to respond. It alerts you when changes occur within the search engines, and then recommends actions to improve your results. To maintain a competitive edge, you'll want to include the subscription with your purchase of WebPosition Gold 3.
Available for both the Standard and Professional Editions  (First three months FREE with purchase of WebPosition Gold 3)

  • $99 for 12-month subscription (best value!)
  • $79 for 6-month subscription
  • $49 for 3-month subscription

Search Engine Point

Search Engine Point
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