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WebPosition Gold is the industry's most comprehensive Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solution. Used by thousands of companies and consultants worldwide, WebPosition provides all of the tools necessary to optimize your web sites' relevancy and visibility with the search engines increase revenue by driving greater numbers of qualified visitors to your site.

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WebPosition Gold 3 takes the mystery out of SEO, providing an indispensable solution for both experts and those new to the practice. WebPosition Gold 3 delivers the complete step-by-step SEO process in a single solution:

Step 1. Research and Select Optimal Keywords

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Wordtracker Keywords: Start off the SEO process right! Determine which keywords are most searched on and refine your selection to improve your rankings. Also, identify least competitive keywords to address a potential competitive advantage. Then, export the selected keywords directly to WebPosition to ensure you optimize on the right keywords and phrases.

Step 2. Design and Submit Web Pages

Page Builder: Once you've chosen the optimal keywords, you then need to design your web pages for maximum visibility to ensure your most relevant content gets conveyed via the search engines.

Link Defender: To maximize your site's visibility with the search engines, you need to ensure your most relevant content is indexed. Link Defender identifies broken links in your site allowing you to correct them before uploading and submitting. (Included in the WebPosition Platinum Upgrade)

Meta Manager: Easily add, update or delete Meta Keyword, Meta Description, and Title tags on your HTML pages. Meta Manager includes tips for choosing proper keywords and writing good meta descriptions to ensure your message is properly conveyed in the search results. (Included in the WebPosition Platinum Upgrade)

Code Defender: Protect your HTML source code from competitive copying. Code Defender compresses the code and adds whitespace to make it make it difficult for outsiders to copy your source code for any reason. (Included in the WebPosition Platinum Upgrade)

Upload Manager: Optimized pages are then uploaded to your website via a built-in FTP program or you program of choice.

Submitter: Once built, Submitter submits pages to select engines you choose. It is important to use responsible practices when submitting pages to the engines. Submitter assists through the use of "slow-submit" technology which simulates a manual submission process.

Step 3. Monitor Your Search Position

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To stay on the cutting edge, you need to continually monitor your search position versus your competitors. Reporter monitors web page rankings and alerts you to activities that may affect your rankings. Evaluate visibility scores for both organic and paid listings in a single report. Improved data export features enable you to do trending and more advanced analysis in Microsoft Excel or other analytics packages.

Step 4. Optimize your pages

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Page Critic module: Knowing your position for various keywords and search engines is only the beginning. Page Critic is the "magic" behind WebPosition that goes beyond analysis and provides you with straightforward recommendations on actions to take to optimize your site. Recommendations are based on a comparison of your pages to an index of top performing sites, as well as on comparisons to specific competitors you identify. Page Critic also features enhanced page-change detection, allowing it to determine with greater precision which competitor pages have changed since they were last indexed and alert you to respond.

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Page Critic Service:

The SEO environment is constantly changing: Search engines change their rules. Competitors optimize their pages, and new competitors enter. The Page Critic Service is a recommended subscription service that continually alerts you to changes that could affect your rankings and provides recommendations on actions to take to respond to those changes. No other product is backed by the years of experience built into Page Critic. The optimization work you do today to improve your ranking could be useless tomorrow. Page Critic is a must-have service to gain and maintain a competitive advantage. (The Page Critic Service was formerly known as Page Critic Knowledgebase.)

Step 5. Analyze Your Results

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WebTrends Analytics: Top positions mean nothing unless they drive business results. WebTrends allows online marketers to track beyond the clickthrough to conversion and revenue for both paid and organic search activities. Through WebTrends 7 Smart Reports for Excel, online marketers can understand the correlation between search rankings from WebPosition and resulting conversion and revenue from WebTrends in order to make smarter decisions on how to spend valuable marketing dollars. And to simplify the process, top performing keywords can be imported directly into WebPosition Gold 3 with a single click. (Separate purchase required)

WebPosition Gold 3 Ease of Use:

Scheduler: Scheduler makes managing the SEO process easier by allowing you to schedule WebPosition missions to run at periodic intervals to correspond to your business or client needs.

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